10 Funny Underground Prank Signs

Lets face it, for many of us, our daily commute can be predictable and boring. Late trains, overcrowded carriages and crazy people all add to the stress and frustration. And that’s before we even get to work!

It can be refreshing when pranksters get to work and brighten up our journey, and the London Underground has its fair share of funny prank signs. We especially like this helpful notice that offers some practical advice


Even the mice are out to get you.

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Or these reminders that you must look anywhere except at another human being


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And after all that, the penalty for eye contact just isn't anywhere near high enough.

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This is a sad!

The people you meet on your commute just make you lonelier.

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Nothing to be concerned about here. Or is there?!


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This stress twig will really help you to calm down on a challenging journey. If you can reach it …

The stresstwig is too high to reach.

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This sign seems to imply that even sloths could do a better job when it comes to customer service.


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This is my absolute favorite. This prank sign gets right to the point.

They are far too strict with the naughty passengers.

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You wouldn’t be tempted to sit here even if the train was full to the brim!

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Very good advice for anyone traveling on London Underground, these pranksters are experts!

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Please let us know if you come across any funny signs that you would like to see included here. Remember to share your favorites with your friends 🙂

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