12 Species of Owls With Striking Faces

Owls are remarkably beautiful. They feature strongly in the legends and myths of many cultures.  Perhaps due to their elusive nature, or simply because they are associated with creatures of the night, they have been portrayed as harbingers of doom, or wise and fortuitous.

They are birds of prey, and there are at least 200 known species. They are not always nocturnal, and, although they do not live in flocks, the term for a group of owls in a Parliament.

1.) Eastern Screech Owl – Found mostly  throughout eastern North America from Canada to Mexico. You can find out more about the Eastern Screech Owl here

Eastern screech owl

2.) Tawny Fish Owl – A large owl whose habitat ranges throughout the Himalayas, NW India , Nepal and Bhutan, NE India, China and Taiwan, and Bangladesh, NE Myanmar and S Indochina. Eats fish! and is thought to be quite rare.


Photo: Shutterstock

3.) Spotted Wood Owl – Distributed through Southern Burma to the Western Philippines. If you want to get a closer look at this magnificent owl, check out the video below!


Photo: Shutterstock

4.) Northern Saw-Whet Owl – A small owl from North America. More information about this cute little owl here


Photo: perensovichk/Flickr

5.) Northern Pygmy Owl – Another little critter from North and Central America, it is only 6 inches long.


Photo: NechakoRiver

6.) Eurasian Eagle Owl – From the tiny to the very large, this owl has a wingspan of 5 to 6 feet! A remarkable predator, it can catch and eat whatever it likes, including small mammals, geese and snakes!


Photo: Shutterstock

7.) Burrowing Owls – These fascinating birds can be found from the Mississippi to the Pacific and from the Canadian prairie provinces into South America. They are also found in Florida and the Caribbean islands. Lots of information can be found about them here


Photo: Shutterstock

8.)  Spectacled Owl – Look at that face! Found mostly in areas such as Costa Rica, Colombia and the Amazon, in dense tropical rainforest with mature, large trees.


Photo: Randy Stewart

9.) Snowy Owl – A Showy Owl! Hedwig, Harry Potter’s friend. A large, beautiful owl from the  Arctic tundra of North America, Europe and Asia


Photo: Tambako the Jaguar

10.) Long Eared Owl – Found throughout Europe and North America. Useful information can be found here.


Photo: Geshatara/Flickr

11.) The Barn Owl – With its heart shaped face and its beautiful coloring, this owl is a magnificent sight. Wildlife organizations are working hard to protect the Barn Owl, which has suffered due to the loss of habitat and the use of pesticides in the county-side. You can read about it here.


Photo: ahisgett/Flickr

12.) Oriental Bay Owl – Found in South East Asia, the Oriental bay owl also belongs to the Barn Owl family. It is very elusive, and not much is known about it, but you can find out more about this funny face from World Owl Trust


Photo: Shutterstock


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  1. That Oriental Bay Owl looks like it’s going to start talking, and saying some really creepy sh*t too, like “I’m not really an owl.”

  2. Snowy Owl looks very funny 😀

  3. I love owls so much I got a tattoo of an owl on my wrist, this article just made my day <3

  4. Burrowing Owls makes me aww with their color of eyes and beauty of body shades.

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